Friday, August 28, 2015

Nanay's Hometown - Plaridel, Baybay

Ormoc Port and Bus Terminal

Thankfully, we arrived at Ormoc safe and sound after 3 hours of travel. We left Cebu at around 1:45 PM and arrived in Ormoc at 4:45 PM. It was late afternoon so the lighting of our pics are not that bright anymore. Here below are photos of Ormoc Port and the nearby terminal for buses and vans that ply to different town destinations. 

The bus terminal is just outside the gate of the port

Inside the terminal

A glimpse of Ormoc outside the port

There are no available taxis in Ormoc. There are only tricucles, jeepneys, and buses or vans for long distance travel. However there was Jollibee, and because we kind of hungry, we took a bite there before taking a bus to Baybay.

Pier 1 Terminal Cebu City

Last August 23, we went to Leyte to attend the burial of a cousin.  Apple was a victim in a hit-and-run accident in Sweden, and on her 33rd birthday last August 24 - she was going home for the last time... she was buried in the cemetery where most of our dearly departed were laid to rest.

The weather was not good that week, and we were not even sure we could pull it through, since the ticket booths of all ferries going to Leyte and Bohol were all jam-packed with people who were not able to go home that week.

Luckily we were able to get a ticket with Ocean Jet plying Cebu-Ormoc route. From Ormoc we will take another bus to Baybay, then Baybay to Plaridel - Nanay's hometown.

Pier 1 Terminal is big and spacious and clean. Their restrooms are well maintained too. And I am happy about that because it says a lot about us to the tourists visiting our islands. There are also small canteens in case we get a little hungry.

Check-in counters for Weesam and Supercat

Check-in counter for Ocean Jet

Seats are arranged facing Boarding Gates

Kit busy with selfie

Blind masseurs for some massage while waiting

Souvenir Shops

Clean Restrooms

Selfie while waiting to board

Onboard Ocean Jet enroute to Ormoc

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Trip Back to Cebu

We chose to take the Super Cat Fast Ferry in going back to Cebu. They had some kind of promo, and it is cheaper then Ocean Jet. I like it better also because it was a bit larger than Ocean Jet. I don't know if it was just my imagination, but I was more comfortable with this ride compared to when I was going to Bohol via Ocean Jet. But our seat mates said, yes, Super Cat is good when the sea is calm but it can not withstand choppy waters or big waves. Thank God, it was a beautiful sunny day when we left Bohol, so the sea was calm and peaceful. We arrived in Cebu safely...

Temporary Terminal in Tagbilaran

Music Entertainment supported by donations

People boarding fast ferry to Cebu

Super Cat Fast Ferry

Inside SuperCat

Another view of the interior